Powerhouse Women Devotions and Ministry mission is to provide an opportunity for women to speak their truth about their faith, family, and community. We seek to bridge the gap between a failing world and a loving GOD.   We will do this through prayer, spiritual awareness, education, developing strong relationships and support. Our mission includes: building a foundation of love, gentleness, creativity, and hope in the lives of every woman both elder and young.  We encourage every individual woman to strive to be what the LORD GOD Almighty has called her to be. We assist women with spiritual growth and show them how to use their gifts and talents to uplift one another. We are determined to live up to our ministry name, “Powerhouse” and aspire to serve in Jesus Christ.  We are determined to put our faith first, our families second, and our service third.  PowerHouse Women is a group of individuals empowered by the work and ways of GOD.


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​One week of the Month is set aside for bible study days.  These bible study days are presented online, a meeting room (library) and on our website.  A passage is chosen and a study guide is downloaded.  Click here to dowload the latest bible study.

Powerhouse women will offer bible study, workshops that promote encouragment, self enrichment and empowerment.  We are dedicated to focusing on the whole women.  Click Events and Services for update workshops.

​Outreach Project Powerhouse are looking to participate or lead are:

Fundraising Events


Flea Markets

Mini Conference Sessions and more....................

Meet the Founder

Deborah Smith

Ministry Director

Biography-Biography- Deborah A. Smith, MRE, BS,  She is a visionary, a teacher and a powerhouse.  She is a graduate of Liberty University with a Master's Degree in Religion Education.  She is an Entrepreneur with a leadership mindset.  She has studied the word of God and taught in ministry for over 10 years.  She is an Adjunct Professor at a community college in Baltimore  Maryland teaching leadership skills to new student as well as advising.  Deborah started Powerhouse Women Devotions in the spring of 2004 writing daily devotion for her friends and strangers to encourage them to live and trust the LORD.  News of her empowering devotions surfaced among her sisters in Christ and others.  She had an audience of over 50 women receiving her power packed daily devotions.  In 2008 she launched the first Power house Women Devotions Luncheon to celebrate four years of writing inspirational devotions for women to be empowered daily.  This is only the beginning for Deborah.  She accepted the call to ministry of service and devoted her life to the Lord in her teen years.  Now she is looking to build Powerhouse Women Devotions & Ministry to inspire women to partner with her and the Lord to bring about healing, change, and salvation to women who desires the Lord's will for their lives. She is a Self-Enrichment Instructor & Professional Development Trainer.  She is the author of “Turning Tragedy into Success”, a thirty-day devotional that focuses on overcoming trauma, emotional hurt and rejection. She is the 2018 Author of the Year Legacy Award Nominee (Transformation Category).