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Get your dose of the weekly spiritual medicine.  Check this section of our website every week for Powerhouse Devotions.  This weeks devotion is Jars of Clay. To read the full version click devotion title below. Meditation Scripture:

                 2nd Corinthians 4:4-9 NLT





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Statement of Faith

Joy is a fruit that is consistent with Happiness and laughter.  Joy is sometimes known as the unspeakable fruit.  It is a fruit that can live in a believer even if the believer is sad for a moment.


Love is a fruit of action.  Love requires you to do something.  Love is consistent with our Father's character.  Love covers a multitude of sins.  Love is a fruit we all must have.


Power House Women Devotions and Ministry have an obligation to hold the truth and values of the a professing believing disciple of Jesus Christ.  Please read our Statement of Faith.

Peace is the fruit that we are always in need of seeking.  Peace surpasses world understanding.  Especially if it is a Godly peace.  Our Father has given believers peace in the mist of a serious storm.

Longsuffering is the fruit that most cannnot sustain. Longsuffering is the endurance to go through the storm no matter how long it is.  Longsuffering builds character.  When Longsuffering is coupled with the fruit of patience both are a powerhouse of faith.